Friday, July 31, 2009

Entry 3: seventeen, junior year

Same day, 10:44 pm

I'm in bed, in the most p.j. layers I've worn all year. Today was frigidly cold, as I've already expressed. My room has been closed all day, so it's freezing in here! [Yeah... the vent didn't work in my bedroom. It was awesome. Especially in the winter. And the summer.]

Tonight Ryan and Rod called me. Ryan Studebaker, I should specify. We talked, reminisced, got caught up. One thing he said after I had mentioned my being a complete dork freshman and 8th grade years was interesting. He said, "Don't take this the wrong way, but I knew you weren't the hottest girl in our grade, but we just had so much fun together than that didn't even matter." [OUCH! Talk about a backhanded compliment!] So aside from the slight insult on my appearance back then, which I KNOW wasn't the most visually appealing, that was one of the nicest REAL compliments I've gotten lately. Ryan didn't want me for my looks, because I didn't have them! He really liked me for who I was. I've gotten sort of pulled away from that lately, it seems. It was cool talking to him though; just his voice evoked a lot of fun, pre-adolescent memories.

[Yeah. I was ugly in middle school. What. It's not like I still have hang-ups about it... I mean, I can look back and see that braces-flaunting, too-plucked-in-the-middle-but-still-thick-eyebrows sporting, skinny, pale-faced, too-much-eyeliner clad, brown lipstick-wearing 13-year-old in baggy jeans and a tight baby tee as someone I might want to be around...

Ok, perhaps not. Eighth grade. what a hellpit.]

Rod and I ended up going to Caribou at 8:30. After all of Canace's planning with him for a double date, he just up and called me, which I respect. We met there, I paid for myself, and we talked for about an hour. he's pretty cute; I like his eyes, and the left side of his mouth is sort of fascinating. There's a scar that sort of mars the line of his upper lip, and the tooth is missing at that spot. [Um, ew!] It makes me wonder what happened. [It no longer makes me wonder that.] But we talked about non-equencial (is that a word?) [No; no, it's not] stuff: school, majors, cars, music, friends, work, Canace, Kevin, money, etc. Not extremely boring OR earth-shattering. He doesn't like coffee, but you can't understand EVERYTHING about a person. He's nice and good-looking, but as far as I can tell, no sparks are flying. He's a sophomore at WaWa, 19. He doesn't look that old. [Aw. Brief, sounding older than I actually am moment: remember when 19 seemed old?] My hand is turning purple from being exposed to the chilly air, so I'm gonna leave on the note that I had a pretty fulfilling day today. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

[I'm putting this up early again because we're slowly but surely getting to the next stage in Katie Barry's adolescent life. This semi-blind-date thing with "Rod" was the very first step towards that next stage. And I want to get there, already! Right now I was on the cusp... in a few short entries, I will have met the people who would take the spotlight (haha) in my life. Happy reading!]

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  1. Quite entertaining Katie, you're making me want to bust out my own 'old journal' and get in touch with my adolescent side. :)

    Definitely a fun surprise to find your blog, did you know I have one based around my shoddy cooking skills? Of course not... but you do now! :P

    Thanks for the read, hope all is well!