Monday, July 27, 2009

Age: newly 17 (junior year of high school)

Side note: The old entries are transcribed verbatim in normal font; my present comments are in a different color/font and italics. Remember... all names have been changed!

I’m in pre-calc class; just finished a test. I suppose my first entry has to be about the dream I had last night. Or rather, this morning. I woke up to my alarm at 6:20 and felt really gross; just nauseated and exhausted. So I went back to sleep. And I think that’s where the dream began. I know Amy, Enid, and Don were in it. There were others, but hours have passed and I’ve forgotten. [Is anyone else already annoyed at the forced proper-ness of this language? I think I was nervous about starting a new journal with a leather bound cover. That’s my only excuse.] Certain parts had a definite feeling of déjà vu. We were at what I guess was this huge, beautiful farm or garden, lots of acres, but it was a dog kennel. No dogs in sight, but courses and jumping things for them. Showdogs, now that I think of it. It was all very green and lush, and there were numerous stone bridges that ran across little narrow canals. [If you haven’t already, insert British accent here.] I know Enid was there because I specifically remember giving her my school picture, which came in the mail last night. At one point, the group of us, including the 3 above mentioned and some people whom I didn’t recognized (but I knew in the dream), were sitting around a table (much like the one at the Nickelback concert). [Yes, I went to a Nickelback concert. I was 16 and it was mildly before that one song got so overplayed it made you personally want to punch Chad Kroeger in the balls.] The next memory was of all of us running, “gallivanting around” [why is this in quotes?], if you will, this gigantic place. I have the clear image of Ron and I chasing each other over the bridges. Another moment was in a boat, one that we were passengers on, not rowers. [Thanks for the distinction. The integrity of the story would have crumbled without it.] I was leaning back against Don; we were cuddling. I know I kissed his cheek but the nervous, fluttery feeling I had next to him leads me to think that we had never kissed. [So damn cute.] I know we were flirting and it was cute and romantic, not at all unwanted. We were somewhat “together” and the others knew it. He whispered something in my ear; I know I giggled. [Shocking.] I think he wanted to kiss/tickle my side or stomach (I think I got that subconsciously from his poking me the sides every day in gym)—I wouldn’t let him, though. [Because I… am a lady!] The group (we were obviously all good friends—note; no one besides Amy was there from the ‘the big group’) had decided to go get coffee. For some reason, Amy and I left in my car and drove WAY the hell out to a completely different town; a quaint, somewhat V-ish town. [Back story: “V” is shorthand for a much earlier group of friends whose main connections were estrogen and faux-witchcraft. Perhaps another blog of those earlier, funnier, group entries between the six of us adolescent girls will come later.] Wed drove through a LOT of country to get here; I have no idea what possessed us to go there. And it wasn’t Amy that went with me, it was Enid. Ok, so, we get to this town and I see this Hindu woman walk into a shop. She was wearing the most beautiful wrap dress I have ever “seen.” [Oh lord. So lingually cautious and in the same breath high-school imperialistic. Can’t wait to see what the “Hindu woman’s” dress “looked” like.] It was in the style that all Middle Eastern women wear, [NOOO!!!] but it was very rich looking. [Oh, well, ok… as long as she wasn’t poor.] It was gold and crème colored, and simply gorgeous. The shop NEXT to the one she entered was a Hindu shop. [Wait…a Hindu shop? I’m confused…] Enid and I parked and decided to go in. The inside of the store is eluding my memory, which makes me mad because I’m sure it was breathtaking. [I’m sure it was.] But when we left to go back to my car, Amy and Don were parking next to it (I think). They were apparently looking frantically for us; Amy was sobbing, and when she spotted me she broke down and grabbed me, hugging me really hard. I, of course, was not expecting this at all and was quite shocked. [Quite shocked, I say, gov’na!] After she let go, Don wrapped me in his arms. I forgot what he said, but I think I kissed him right away. [Finally!] It was just a peck, but it was significant. Don’t know why, but they had been searching the countryside for us for hours. That’s about all I remember; I know there was more but Bailey [my dog--that name can stay the same!] woke me up. Actually, I think I was either in another dream or there was a really monotonous part I couldn’t get out of, so I was kind of grateful to her. But today, when I saw Don after chemistry, he saw me, asked me why I wasn’t in gym, and that he had missed me. He was quite touchy, which I must admit I didn’t mind. [After, that, he lay his gloved hand upon mine, as it rested atop my parasol handle, and gently asked if he could call himself a suitor. I reproofed him gently, as must be done, but then remembered that this was written in 2001, not 1870, and felt foolish for my weird Victorian writing.] I told him I had had a dream about him, and I got the expected response: “Oh, that’s good.” Oyshk. [You'll be seeing a lot of "oyshks." Just a forewarning.] I’m not sure what my feelings for him are. More later, class is almost over.

Well, I'll tell you this much: most entries will be slighly less English-y and won't all be about my dreams. That's about all I've got for this one. More next week...

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  1. haha, this is a great idea. i know a crystal character won't be appearing for about another 3 years at least, so i'm not worried...yet.